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Pitched your startup to U.S. and China-based investors

Are you a startup or entrepreneur looking for funding? Have a passion for discovering new and emerging technologies? At Xinno Week 2018, Attendees had the opportunity to do both! They pitched their startup or idea to U.S. and China based investors and heard pitches from some of the fastest growing technology startups in the Pacific Northwest.

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Learnt how you can benefit from doing business in China

Xinno Week 2018 welcomed representatives from over 20 China-based technology innovation parks and investment firms, giving attendees the unique opportunity to learn more about the Chinese market and startup environment as well as government policies aimed at supporting foreign companies. They Learnt more about how their business or startup can reap all the benefits that doing business in China has to offer.


Met some of China’s largest technology unicorns

China is home to 59 unicorns (companies valued at over one-billion dollars) by 2017. In that year, more than one third (36%) new unicorns were from China. At Xinno Week 2018 Attendees had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors from some of the largest unicorns in China who are ready to help you get started.