2018 cross-border innovation (Xinno) week opening day

May 13th | GIX, Bellevue


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Announcing the First Annual Cross-Border Innovation Week (Xinno) 2018 Opening Day in Seattle, WA! This event brings together tech-talent, entrepreneurs, technologists, academics, startups, and world-class organizations from across the Pacific Northwest and China to discuss emerging technology trends, applications, and opportunities for cross-border collaboration in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, EdTech, and HealthTech.

Xinno Week provides a platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, business and industry leaders to connect and gain valuable insights of technology and investment trends in both U.S. and China markets, to discuss emerging opportunities and to foster partnerships and collaboration.

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Pitch your startup to U.S. and China-based investors

Are you a startup or entrepreneur looking for funding? Have a passion for discovering new and emerging technologies? At Xinno Week 2018, you’ll have the opportunity to do both! Pitch your startup or idea to U.S. and China based investors and hear pitches from some of the fastest growing technology startups in the Pacific Northwest.


Learn how you can benefit from doing business in China

Xinno Week 2018 will welcome representatives from over 20 China-based technology innovation parks and investment firms, giving you the unique opportunity to learn more about the Chinese market and startup environment as well as government policies aimed at supporting foreign companies. Learn more about how your business or startup can reap all the benefits that doing business in China has to offer.

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Meet some of China’s largest technology unicorns

China is home to 59 unicorns (companies valued at over one-billion dollars) by 2017. In that year, more than one third (36%) new unicorns were from China. At Xinno Week 2018 you’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors from some of the largest unicorns in China who are ready to help you get started.




8:00 AM


9:00 AM


Opening Remark

Keynote 1: Thoughts and Practics in the Machine Intelligence Era

Panel Discussion 1: Collaborations in Technologies and Innovation

Keynote 2: Cross-border Colleberation for better Healthcare (TBD)

Panel Discussion 2: Opportunities in Academics and Non-Profit

Announcement: Cross-border Innovation and Collaboration Center

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Presentation 1: Silicon Valley and China, a Venture Capitalist's View

Presentation 2: How Cheetah Mobile Adopt "Hacker Growth" and Became Top App Publishers Globally

Presentation 3: ARM's IoT Ecosystem Development in Asia

Panel Discussion & QA: Unicorns' Success and Challenges in China

Presentation 4: Innovation and Cross-border Investment in the City of Seattle

1:00 PM Breakout Section, Room 146


Featured Startups' Pitch

1:00 PM Breakout Section, Room 127

LEADERS IN TECH FORUM (Language: Chinese)

Presentation 1: Succeeding in FinTech and Beyond

Presentation 2: China's Education Technology Market

Presentation 3: From Seattle AI Startup to China Fortune 500

Presentation 4: Chinese Investors' Interest and Preferences

Presentation 5: Startup Opportunities and Challenges in Seattle

Panel Discussion & QA: Developing Leadership in Technology and Innovation

4:00 PM

Featured Startups Award Ceremony

Networking & Photos

6:00 PM

VIP Appreciation Dinner







Schuyler Hoss

Yi Ru

Sarah Daniels and others

Mauricio Flores

Carlos Luis Obando and others

Amy Du, Zijun Li




Lu Zhang

Arther Wu                                               

Rex St. John

Dr. Xuchen Yao and others

Carlton Vann






Mingmu Li

Ryan Yan

Dr. Guoguo Chen

Dr. Jun Zhang

Kevin Yu

Ryan Fan and others




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